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In the following 3 photos you can see bumps that are underneath the skin.




I had bad acne as an early teen but that cleared up with Roaccutane over 5 years ago.

These bumps have been there for about that time frame.

I've been too derms - one suggested laser resurfacing (no thanks!) and the other said that they were "fatty deposits" and injected something in them with a needle but didn't do a very good job (over a year ago) and told me to see another derm he reccomended.

Now I feel like I just need to get into these bumps and drain whatever in them out.

If Im hard enough on them when Im shaving the big ones usually bleed a little.

Considering they've been under my skin for 5 years its obvious there never going to surface.

I can't really afford to go back to another derm - they charge to much.

COuld a doctor remove these somehow and do you have any idea of what they may be?


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do you shave over that area pretty frequently? If you do, maybe stop shaving for a couple weeks and see if they go down in size or heal at all, maybe they're just irritated from shaving. If you have to sacrifice growing some facial hair for clear skin well i do it all the time, lol!

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OK, I went to a GP.

He told me it's scar tissue that is raised. He said normally its flat.

He said theres no puss or anything in it - its just scaring that needs to be flatened.

He recommended me dermatix and said laser treatment.

He also said cortosine injections but said they are pretty painful - is this true.

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Thanks for your post. Your pictures resemble mild hypertrophy scar tissue. There's probably nothing "inside" of each bump but hard tissue your body used to regenerate. What you can do to bridge your time until you get your doctor's recommended treatment is to avoid shaving against the grain of your facial hair.

Cortisone shots probably won't work in this case because there is no inflammatory response to control. They can be quite painful (remember how much cysts hurt?) but with everyone it is quite relative. Some patients report no pain whilst others writhe.

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