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I was on Retin-A micro 0.1% for 6 weeks, and it made me red and blistered me up eventually. It did clear my zits pretty well, but i couldnt stand the constant burning feeling so i went off of it. I have since tried almost every bp/antibiotic combo, and every OTC product i can freaking imagine and none of that shit has worked(not sure about Duac, i just started....), anyway i wanted to try something. I still had my left over retin-a micro, and i only get zits on my chin,nose, and under eyes. So i thought i put a very small amount on my chin to see if it works. At first i broke out pretty bad, but now, 3 weeks later, my chin is 100% clear of pimples, and the red marks which take forever to fade will be gone in another 2 weeks, they are fading fast. I plan to restart it on the rest of my face this weekend. But heres the moral of the story....use a SMALL amount of retin-a, literally i use a pea-sized amount like they say to. This is the only way it seems to work, is if you use it in small amounts. Otherwise it aggravates your face. Just thought id let you guys know, bc i know how it is...you think more is better, like "how the hell could this little bit do anything?" It really does help when you use less, give it a try

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i am using generic retina A 0.025 and applying twice as much they recommand, no irritation what so ever ( in comparison i had constant burning with bp). u might wanne switch to a lower concentration cuz then overapplying becomes less troublesome.

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