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Question regarding regimen..

umm after i go through the daily regimen, ie; washing face, applying BP, applying lotion..my face looks kinda...shiny...is that normal??

also, im on like the third week about, and lately it kinda seems like my face is getting worst again (the first two weeks i could see drastically good changes) like i see a couple pimples forming in my forehead area, (1 of two problem areas) and also in my chin area (2 of 2 problem areas) the huge pimples i had down there has almost vanished...except a new pimple or two ALWAYS pops up...is this normal? should i use a bit more BP than usual to increase effects? is the two full rows of fingers of BP gel the MOST u should be using on ur face? my neck area and face gets pretty dry from this treatment (although it is working wonders) should i still increase BP gel used still? IS what im going through normal?


also my skin is getting really tight aside from dry...it feels like when i smile or something it feels like im stretching my face or something....ugh

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Shiny as in oily/greesy? My face usually gets dull, but I know a friend who looks like a bowling ball.

You will have some breakouts then everything will start going downhill from there. After a month you're on your way to only seeing a pimple once every 2 weeks or so!

For your smile problem, try using more moisturizer. If you dont when you smile youll get little skin shavings haha.

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