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Someone help I need to start taking vitamins........

What vitamins should I take for acne. I hear that zince is good and so is fish oil. does anyone know where I can get a multivitamin with all those great things in it including the Dmae you guys talk about on here?

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A good multivitamin will cover most of it. Some people take extra Zinc and/or Vitamin C. Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE have been proven as effective anti-aging ingredients, and may also help acne. They can be bought seperately. Fish oil and cod liver oil are just about the only good ways to get omega-3 EFA's. They are better then flax seed oil because they contain EPA and DHA as opposed to just ALA, and it's also a lot safer then eating fish because if purified they don't contain the harmful toxins that most fish do (mercury for instance). You'll want to get the stuff in liquid form as opposed to gel capsule form. Avoid taking any Omega-6 EFA supplements at all, or any mixed EFA supplements. You probably already get plenty of O6 in your diet, as do most americans, and the more O6 you get, the more supressed the O3 becomes.

Then there's pantothenic acid, AKA Vitamin B5. Some people megadose on it anywhere from 5 to 10 grams a day. I've done this myself in the past.

Instead of just taking my word for it though, i suggest you do some research and find out why people take these supplements before you start taking them yourself.

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Thank for all the info I know about the Omega 3 and stuff. I already take protein shakes for weight lifting and a centrum multivitamin. i just wanted to know if I needed something extra. Im only a teen 17 so I dont think I need to overload on vitamins right?

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