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Anyone who knows about fillers!

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I know they are temporary, but if you were to have one done properly could it completely fill in an indentation from a cortisone injection? Please let me know if you know about these! Thanks.

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Restylane works pretty well and gave me the best satisfaction overall for me (Btw, I have also tried collagen, radiesse, and juvederm). Sometimes you get a great level of correction (90%) and other times not as well.

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I did collagen fillers for about two years. It completely removed the scars - lasted for about 4 months. The plastic surgeon over-filled the areas, so they were bumpy the first day, but it was a great method because the scars were completely gone. It was really great. I just didn't like the expense and then having the scars come back anew every four months.

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I was on juvederm although it last longer than Restylane by about 2 months Restyalne gives a better finish and you cant feel it under the skin as the compounds are differnt.

Restylane realistically lasts 4.5 months .. looks good for 2 months then starts to degrade over the course of the next 3 months.. i have them every 4 months.. $400 Au each time.. but 1200 a yr for 60% odd better skin is nothing in my opinion.

With that said I too want something that lasts longer.. no doubt in the next yr there will be better stuff again.

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what I've never understood: why are tissue fillers temporary? i'm not a derm, but if the skin accept the tissue and adhere with the tissue, the results should be continuing.

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