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My nose is a mess....

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I don't get it. My nose used to be one of the clearest parts of my face but now it truly is a disaster. It looks very oily, and there are a bunch of small pimples on it that form whiteheads as well. I never <knocking on wood> got these types of breakouts anywhere on my face, and the rest of my face is not nearly as bad. I don't suppose there is anything special I could do to this area? Or does anyone else experience that their nose is significantly worse then other areas of their face?

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my nose is always oily, even after washing my face. i have blackheads that do not go away, and within the past month ive started to get a couple of small whiteheads on it. i use a salycilic acid face wash twice daily, an SA astringent daily and always apply a salycilic acid moisturizer to my nose every morning. ive been told that SA is the way forward in removing blackheads, but even with three different SA products they are still there after about 4 months. they have got a bit smaller but nothing dramatic.

i think the oilyness of my nose is due to the salycilic acid, because i keep stripping the oil away so regularly, my nose produces more.

any advice on nose problems would be greatly appreciated.

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The regimen works on the nose, but seems to take longer for some reason. If you're diligent in application to the nose, it should clear up. Just give it some time.

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