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TriLuma & dark eye circles

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Hello, I have TriLuma sitting here... its some sort of uber hydroquinone combo. My question is, do you guys think it would be safe to use on the eyes? I have dark eye circles starting to form now... : and is there stomething to help get rid of the puffy ness aswell? (I have heard about cucumbers & teabags but do they really work???)

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Hey There,

I have no idea how much help I can be, not even sure why I'm answering(!) But I know frustrating it is to not get answers..

Anyway.. I have to confess that I don't know what TriLuma or hydroquinone combo is #-o but if its any sort of acne treatment then you should not use it around the eyes as this area is way too sensntive and you'll probably just end up with red "burnt" patches.

For the eye puffiness thing.. I've never tried teabags but they are meant to work when wet I guess. The cucumber thing does help however, as do cold-from-the-freezer dessert spoons when placed on the eye area for a few mins.

You can also buy some eye gels to reduce puffiness but only put these on the eye area as I don't know how acne-friendly they are.

Hope thats slightly helpful!!

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Thx for the reply smile.gif I'm gonna try out the cucumber and freezer-spoon idea. I have a appt with the dermatologist in next month, I suppose I could ask him aswell.

Thx again,


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