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Head and Shoulders and Bacne??

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I am going on holiday in 2 weeks and have bad bacne and acne of my shoulders and upper arms.

So i was looking through the forums and i came across this post


it has so much good feed back so i decided to go out and buy some and try it

First few days my acne was flattening down

i was really shocked as it was actually workingit started to look a bit red but posts from people were syaing that was normal ect

but then after my third use my skin has cleared quite alot but my skin went incredibly dry and rough and my mum saqid it even looked like i has psoriasis!!!!!!

My skin looks worse than ever!

and it feels terrible!!!!!

Did anyone experience this?

Is so how did u make it go? and how long di dit take to go?

It feels as if i've just produced loads more skin and my arms feel like sandpaper :(:(:(

Someone please help



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that post has helped me a lot!

it was the first thing that worked for me.

my back also got dry (it looked like dandruff on the inside of my shirts)

all i did was put some of my facial moisturizer on and it went away

i used Dove's Deep Moisture facial lotion and I got it at walmart :)

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Hi thanls for replying but i have go tit sorted now

I went to the doctors as i was unable to move my amrs i wa sin so much pain

I used some aftersun and after a few days my skin was back to normal

But for people who are considering using it think carfully before because i got into a hge mess over it and it still didnt get rid of my acne

so just becuase something works for someone it may not work for you

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Maybe leaving it on causes problems? I use it also as a back wash and with my hair and it has worked great for me, but I wash it off. (use it as body wash) My scalp is pimple free and my back just has red marks waiting to fade :)

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