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How to tell if you should take a second course?

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I took Accutane for six months and saw pretty good improvement by the end. I still had breakouts and clogged pores, but a lot of the deep bumps and problem areas were much better.

Anyway, it's about two and a half months after I stopped, and my face is back to being oily as ever, still tons of clogged pores, and still get breakouts on my cheeks... inflamed ones and even some cysts. Not as bad as before, but still quite bothersome. My derm said she'd be willing to put me on another course in a couple months, and I'm wondering whether it's worth it. I had no problems with side effects or anything.

For those of you who've taken multiple courses, what were your deciding factors? Did a second course help a lot? I'm really looking to entirely clear out my pores (that never happened in the first course) and stop these annoying cysts and inflammations, and hopefully (this may be wishing too much) permanently reduce some of this oil.

Advice? Thanks!!

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I was sort of in the same situation - only instead of stopping at 6 months, my derm has kept me on it. My last appt was mid-July. I'm finishing up what I have left now and will have taken Tane for 11+ months when all is said and done. Sept. 07 - July/Sept. 08 Regular dosing, not low. I was still getting injectible cysts (one or two) up until month 8 or 9. My skin is really great now and I was worrying that it would never get this way. I'm a bit nervous about going off soon though.

So, while I can't speak as to how it would be after it's completely out of my system, staying on it this long has definitely made a vast improvement to where my skin was at month 6 of my course.

Good luck!

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