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Before my wife leaves me

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Best thing to do is be there for her, listen to her if she needs to talk, think before you say something that could really hurt her feelings or cause a fight.

I think if I had a husband I would just want him to be supportive and say something like "well maybe you could see a dermo just to make sure its nothing serious" don't be too abrasive. if she doesnt want to see someone about it dont force her into something she does not want to do.

But guarnteed she just needs to see a dermo or even a family doctor to discuss it, you can't help her but they can. Only thing you can do is be supportive and understand that its not her fault shes upset about it. I mean if you were getting weird bumps all over your face im sure you would be upset as well.

Put yourself in her shoes for a minute... :idea:

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She is going through a really emotional time right now, of course she is acting like a bitch. Appearance is important to everyone, but especially women. Don't be a dick, be supportive. Only say positive things to her. Don't make suggestions unless she initiates the idea. Don't complain about her attitude. Hug her, let her cry if she wants to, and do things to take her mind off the acne. My husband always play-wrestles with me when I'm grouchy, or if I'm really upset he brings me small gifts: food, pens from his work (don't ask;) or sometimes he does a chore for me like cleaning out the litter box.

My husband is an angel. He never says a bad word about me, and that's what YOU need to be doing for her.

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Im writing this post to discuss a problem I am having with my wife. She is 32 and has not had a real problem with acne but lately she has had a problem with a bunch a small skin colored bumps ALL OVER her face. Especially her forehead and cheeks. The problem seems to be worse when she is hot even after the gym. She says in the morning it looks alot better. This acne is not the big kind just small and very numerous. It almost looks like every skin cell is clogged. She has been watching her diet and has been using proactive and nothing seems to help. I cannot stand it. I know it seems shallow but it bugs the hell out of me she is having this problem. It really effects her convidence and I am not helping things. She went to a dermatoligist but she does not like to go. Is this a common problem? I really think it is her makeup or something. Has anyone dealt with this?


Even in 2008 we still haven't found a cure for acne. It can strike at random during adulthood for reasons unknown, and dermatologists may not be able to help much.

My advice: Don't try and "help" her solve her acne problem. You have to believe she's trying everything she can to fix it on her own. Chances are by talking about it you're actually making her feel worse!

I agree with the person above me who said "Don't make suggestions unless she initiates the idea."

Good luck bro

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Sounds like folliculitis. Often made worse by hair care products, cometics/make up, heat/humid environments...

It's rare to develop acne for the first time when you are 32, so my bet is on folliculitis.

Search up on it on google!

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