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Pernox Scrub

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I just purchased a 4 oz. tube of this stuff for twenty U.S. Dollars. It's a bit pricey. Is anyone out there using it? Any effect on scars? (Wishful thinking, I know.)

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I love Pernox scrub! I see you bought the tube, I use the 5oz. lotion scrub in the bottle. Ive been using it twice a day since May 1st when I happened upon one bottle at Walgreens on clearance for $2.99!

anywho..My skin does look alot better, but it has had little effect on my scars so far.

Did you buy yours over the counter? I'm near Chicago and cant find it anywhere but online..

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I bought it online. I used it last night for the first time. It's a great exfoliator but leaves my skin shiny. I am thinking it might break up scar tissue -- it's like a daily microdermabrasion -- if used consistently for a year or more. My scars are fairly shallow. We'll see.

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I love Pernox scrub, prefer it to other otc's and I order it online from anyotc.com. I don't have scars, so I don't know how it would minimize them, but I use it to dry my skin--terminally oily skin, so I use it every morning in the shower. Of course on those rare occasions when I buy makeup and they want to sell me the store, it's worth the look on their face when I say my regimen starts with an acne scrub followed by a topical antibiotic, no moisturizer, I mean I already have an oil slick, so why would I add more?

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I'm sorry Robert, I didn't see your reply earlier.

I'm hoping Pernox will help with my scarring in the long run too. So far its been only a few months for me. It doesn't leave my face shiny, but it does leave it flake free and gets my extremely oily skin super clean. My bottle is finally running low and I don't want to be without... I suppose i will purchase more from planetRX.com. If i order 3 bottles at $19.48 ea. shipping is free.

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Hey, is anyone still using this stuff? I have been using it, on and off, for over a year and I am impressed. I have recently gotten into a regular cycle (once a week), and my skin is looking ten years younger. When combined with Retin-A, it is a real powerhouse. Fine lines and scars have been smoothing out.

I really "go for it" when I use it. I scrub it into my skin for over a minute until my face starts to feel tender and then let it sit for a while before rinsing. I wouldn't recommend scrubbing like this every day. But once a week, you can handle it -- and it gives better results.

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