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I really am confused about this..

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Well here's the background info..

I was on Dan's regimen about halfway through last year for a couple months but then decided to stop as it was causing lots of dryness and facial redness. I started using just cetaphil's gentle facewash and FOTE's aloe vera (only at night as it is too shiny during the day). I also drink 8+ bottles of water a day and am on doxycycline tablets (2 a day). Not to mention a lot of vitamins etc. This has kept me almost completely clear of acne.

Anyways onto the problem at hand. I have noticed over the last month (It may have been happening longer than that but I never noticed) that I have been getting pretty uneven skintones on the bottom of my eyes and on my nose. Throughout the whole day (from when I wake up to about 7pm) I have a blushed redness under my eyes and a whole bunch of little holes (open pores? There's A LOT of them) then further down about below my nose line my skin is fine. I have noticed with the doxycycline that it makes me more sensitive to sunlight but recently I have been trialling this theory by staying indoors for a good deal of my time - to no avail. On days where I'm only briefly in direct sunlight my entire face below my eyes can even go red!

This is such an odd thing because my forehead is completely fine, just perfect white skin, I just wish the rest of my face would start copying my forehead :(

I've come to only one conclusion so far which is probably wrong but I'll throw it out there. Perhaps the BP stuffed up my skintone because I never remembered my face THIS red and this many open pores pre-BP. I've also I have slightly more oil on my face than others, but that's been around for a while and I don't mind.

Pictures (the camera didn't pick up on redness as much as mirrors do for some reason, It's considerably redder than that around my eyes). These pictures are quite big too.



I really want help.. this has been bugging me a lot :(


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This is such an odd thing because my forehead is completely fine, just perfect white skin, I just wish the rest of my face would start copying my forehead :(

ha i know how you feel my redness is nearly identical to yours apart from i had a few red marks still froms cysts

bp can cause you face to become more red expessically if you use alot and the effects of this will last months after you stop using bp

its also possible that its just from your ex acne and if thats true it will heal in time... a long time if you had serve acne

using things like aloe vera should help your redness the purer the better (you can only get upto 99% pure though), you should really use it twice a day though for it to be the most effect you may find that a different brand wont leave you with shiny skin (aleo vera isnt to expensive either so its worth a try)

as for the redness not picking up very well its due to the camera quiality i also find that different mirrors in my house also give different results aswell (we have several mirrors in are house)

you should be carefull judging from mirrors alone as some mirrors make things look worse than they are, other mirrors make things look much better than they are, it all depends on the type of glass in the mirror

ps im borrowing http://img244.imageshack.us/my.php?image=badface2uo4.jpg for one of my topics, as i said the redness on the right cheek is similar to mine, and it saves me taking a picture and uploading it which is a pain.... if you object just say and il edit it out of my post i guess you will be fine with me using it though as it does not show your eyes or anything

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Hey thanks for the response. I don't know of any other Aloe Veras that do not have any comdeogenic products in them. And besides I've looked pretty thoroughly around in shops and FOTE's one is the best I can find. But it's ok I guess I like it.

You can use the photo if you like - if you get a decent response from somebody about a good solution be sure to let me know, too :)

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well to help reduce redness ive tried a few products all have worked a bit, emu oil by far was the best massivly approving my skin, i couldnt use it for long though as it started to make me break out real real bad..... ive used aleo vera as well and im a lemon juice and egg mask and im currently using green tea with added vitimin c (helps redness) and zinc (speeds up healing) which is a home remedy which seems to have helped a little bit but ive only been using that a week, im using more of a last resort option now which is to try a small amount of foundation to hide it while healing the piture helped me in a topic i already posted as i could ask if it would be able to hide that type of redness with out concealer.... as a guy i wanna wear as little make up as possible... kinda ovious why, but im told that a decent foundation wil cover the redness

im guessing that you dont have anything more than a wash and dry regiume so you dont use any cleaners or anything, so you might wanna have a look at some of the anti redness regiumes i no clinique do one however im not to sure how good these do.

http://www.clinique.co.uk/templates/produc...p;x=16&y=15 thats the link to cliniques redness soluctions its the uk site so if you live in america you will want to change the the .co.uk to .com

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I always hated having to wear anything on my face during the day. So I just wash it in the morning and off I go. At night I wash again and put a generous amount of Aloe Vera on too. I have been doing this since I quitted Dan's redgimen (erm regimen) and I'm glad I did.

I know this redness isn't from post-acne because the Aloe Vera heals red marks from pimples almost completely in a week or less. Plus it just isn't acne redness, you know. I know a person at school who appears to have enlarged pores in the same area as I do but he has no redness issues at all.

Recently I have had an acne issue (my own fault for scarfing down like 5 cupcakes in one day :) ). I think once I can clear those up my face will look a bit better I hope.

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