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couple accutane questions for a soon-to-be accutane user

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real quick - if the doxy that im on doesnt work by the next time i go to my derm, im bypassing trying mino, and going right to accutane (my derm has offered me any option, and he's a big fan of accutane.)

i have a concern over the depression issue and the blood tests. i dont think anyone in my family has a history of depression, though i had a short bout with it last year. i was on an anti-depressant (lexapro) for about 6-7 months. me and my doc knew from the beginning that it was only going to be a short term thing, but im wondering if the accutane will have any effect on this?

also, my liver enzymes were a little high right before i went off the anti-depressant (as shown on blood tests.) everything is good now, but doesnt accutane have an effect on the liver? or something like that?

also, how long is a typical term on accutane? my acne is mild if it matters, just apparently, persistent. 4 months? 6 months? and do you guys still go to the beach and stuff?...just wear like 30 spf or something?


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I was told by my derm that you couldnt go on accutane if you acne was just mild, but if yours is putting you on anyway, then good for you. Anyway, I can honestly say, that I get depression easily, it comes and goes though I dont take any meds for it cause the meds have f-ed people up that I know that take it so I just try to over come it on my own. I didnt notice any difference in my depression while being on accutane, and I was on it 4 times, and never did it make me more depressed. I think that the normal course is 6-9months. I was on it usually for 6 months, but if you still arent clear ( which most are by this time) then I think they put you on a little longer. You CANNOT go in the sun, you wont want to. Accutane makes youre lips constantly dryed out, Id be applying chapstick every 5 mins NO EXAGERATION! And your skin has to be babied, like you cant use any acne meds while on this, only sensitive skin wash with no meds in it, and just moisturizer. I have my accutane regimn down pat since Ive been on it so many times. If you do have to be in the sun, you should definately use a very high SPF. Anyway, if you ahev anymore ?? just ask, Im happy to help.

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thanks, thats pretty good info so far. i guess my acne is borderline mild-moderate. i mean, i know a lot of people who go on accutane have SEVERE acne, but my derm is a big fan of accutane, and im on doxy now (for a second try - the first try was only 100 mg per day, now im on 200 mg per day.) he said we could try minno next, then accutane if need be, cuz trying anything else would be wasting time, bt at the same time, he didnt wanna make me go thru the hassles of accutane unless doxy and mino dont work.

as far as chapstick, i use chapstick a lot anyway, heh.i dont care about that though. and i know my skin is gonna be really dry, which is part of the reason id rather use accutane during the warmer months then the colder months.

i basically already baby my skin. i havent talked to my derm yet about what products to use with accutane, but i just assumed something like a purpose bar in morning and night, and moisturizer basically all day long.

what about joint pain? thats another concern of mine, cuz im an avid weightlifter, and NOTHING will keep me from working out.

i guess the depression thing was my only major concern with accutane, cuz i already knew about the dry skin and lips...any other side effects i should be aware of?...i was looking around on webmd.com at the side effects of accutane, and a lot of them seem like the types of things are the exceptions more than the rules.

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