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Supplements for scars - trouble sleeping?

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Hi all -

I started taking some additional vitamins a few months ago to help with my scars:

AM - multi-vitamin, Vitamin C

Late Afternoon - Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Is anyone else taking Vitamin C and having trouble sleeping? Is it possible that this is why I'm having trouble sleeping? I've been through everything else I can think of and it occurred to me today that both things started around the same time.

Also, does anyone else find that they urinate more when taking Vitamin C?



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Guest delta force operators

i used to have the worst sleeping problems

let me share twhat i have learned

try to wake up as the sun rises if not earlier.

go to sleep, within 1 hour of the sun going down

eat 3-4 hours before going to sleep

only tkae supplements in the morning and noon time.

also work out in the mornings.

i wake up early in the mornings to work out and go jogging, by the end of the day im exhausted, i usually go to bed just after the sunsets.

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I've been taking vitamin C and E (among other things) and I think I've actually been sleeping better. I've never heard of vitamin C causing sleeplessness, but I guess it could happen. Are you taking within the UL of vitamin C? It's about 1800-2000mg per day I believe. Though vitamin C IS water soluble, too much of anything is never good. Chances are there is vitamin C in your multi-vitamin, and obviously in your two extra doses you're giving yourself; you may not need this much. My only suggestion would be to take the supplements earlier in the day or maybe cut out the vitamin C supplement you're taking with the multi-vitamin, and then just take one extra dose of vitamin C in the afternoon. The RDA of vitamin C about 75mg for females, but extra is great for immune system function among other things, this is probably why the upper intake limit is so much higher. I take about 500mg a day and the only other vitamin C I get is from food sources.

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