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ok guys ive been depressed and watching those late night informercials....SHEER COVER MAKEUP keeps being advertised and it seems so convincing!! its a mineral powder which covers flawlessly like a liquid foundation over redness, marks and any other flaws....supposedly!!!

what i really really want to know before i go out and spend all my money is whether anyone has tried it before and whether it actually works!!!! of course on the ads they have ppl who look great wearing it but i really need some advice....i am an ex accutane user who is now left with red scars and really want to find something that will cover my marks lightly and will not make me break out....

SO HAS ANYONE TRIED SHEER COVER? and if it works, does it cover up well and does it make you break out or fade during the day????


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I've used the similar makeup, Bare Minerals. It's a mineral powder foundation. It never broke me out but it is kinda sheer. What I did was brush a small amount on and go over with a tissue to pat off excess powder and then with a concealer brush, I would take a little bit of the powder and dot it on the scars and blend blend blend. The good thing about these powder foundation is that they don't feel like makeup and don't break you out but it does take time to get used to applying it. I kept putting too much on at first and looked orange and powdery. You need a good big powder brush and a concealer brush. I didn't buy the whole makeup system, just the foundation. Before I bought the regular size, I purchased a sample size to find my matching color. You know, it's better to have the scars and not the acne itself. Are you currently using anything for scars? If you don't have any active acne and your scars are really a big problem in your life, you could get laser treatment. Remember scars will fade away with time. Cheer up, you're clear.

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well ive been using the tape method but other than that havent used anything on my scars because my derm told me to wait at least 2 years before i have anything like laser surgery because otherwise it will wreck my skin!

currently i use maybelline shine control stick foundation and i love it, doesnt make me break out at all and gives me good coverage but like everyone says it really is heavy and i hate putting on my face every day....

if i could find something more powder based like sheer cover that works i would love it. i just hate wearing make up so the less the better! scars do fade though...*fingers crossed* they will fade soon!!

id still really like to try sheer cover though...is bare minerals make up available in australia?

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I don't know if Bare Essentuals is available in Australia. I think though that they are similar, they are both mineral makeup. I did like using a powder foundation instead of a liquid because it takes less time and it lasts all day without running off or looking streaky. It is the same price as good liquid foundations and it lasted me a year. I just found that if I accidentally used too much it looked very powdery and orangy. At night especially under certain types of lighting, it would make my sunken scars look pretty bad, they would look deeper. Liquid or creamy foundations can fill in those types of scars. After applying the minerals foundation, I still could see some red spots which I covered completely with the same foundation and a concealer brush. However, if I was in a rush I could see (under outdoor lighting) orange spots. You need to blend blend blend and then blend some more, I recommend you put makeup on by a window so you know how you'll look outside and if possible, Check your makeup again when you step out of the house. I used to check my makeup under different lighting cause it always looks different. If you have enough time, take a clean makeup sponge and go over your face to take excess powder off, it will make your face not look too powdery. Sorry to make this so long, I can get pretty carried away. 8-[ Hope this helps somewhat.

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