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Help guys!

I have started my second pack today and the skin around my mouth and chin is worse than ever! Its really sore, bumpy and red and three large whiteheads appeared overnight.

I really don't know whether to stay on this treatment - I have been on it before and it has always worked wonders within a few weeks. However, this time around it does not seem to be having the same effect. I am being a bridesmaid for my best friend in 5 weeks and I'm really worried that my skin is going to look terrible.

Any advice would be gratefully received!

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Hi there!

Well I've been on Diane-35 for 4 months and a half now and am yet to see improvements. I think it highly variable for some people it works right away for others it may take from 6-9 months or something like that

Hopefully it'll start working for u soon!

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I was on Dianette for about 2 years, then I had a break and went back on it and stopped taking it about a month ago. I saw no changes whatsoever to my skin whilst taking it and the only thing that made a difference was Accutane. Hopefully, it will work for you though, perhaps it just needs more time. Good luck. :)

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maybe its just like initial breakout?? i was on dianette for just over 5 months.. quit it because it was doing nothin for my skin think my ksin was actuly worse than wen it started..but ppl i no have taken it and seen amaaaazin results! stick with it for a bit longer

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