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I really need help on deciding which medication to get.

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I've had acne on my chin for quite a long time, and whenever I think it's gone, more pop up. Now, for a while, this has ended up with me getting what I percieve to be blemishes all over my chin. But that's the thing, I'm not exactly sure what the deal is. I don't know if they'll be there forever, or what. I normally cover it up with make-up, but the idea of covering them up with make-up for the rest of my life is disheartening.

I look up descriptions of acne scars, but I can never quite tell if it fits the description of my condition. In case anyone can help in figuring out the exact condition, I'll give a description.

They are circular, small red spots, mostly flat (I believe the recent ones account for the few bumpy areas).

So, exactly what are these, and are they there for good without any action on my part? That's the first part of importance to me.

Now, I've been looking up acne scar treatments. Now, I'm no idiot, so if I see a website that promotes a medication that will take care of things in a short time, I look to see if there's an opposing side. There always is, and my hopes are shattered, because I want to be 100% sure that the stuff works.

Since the public (reviewers of the treatments that ended up not being the miracle workers they proclaimed to be), I'm going to put my trust in people, although still cautiously, to see if anyone knows what exactly my condition is, and if there are any GOOD treatments available.

Thank you all in advance.

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I can't identify what kind of acne you have, and obviously no one else can either. As for acne scar treatment I know there is some store brands like Olay and Nuetrogena I think that have some. However, no store brands is 100% good for all people. and a lot of the time they take a long time to work versus the dermatologists. I would go see one instead of relying on treatments that are bound to either not work, not work as well, or take a long time to work in comparison to the dermatologists.

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