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I've just started on Accutane about a week and a half ago and my doctor didn't give me much information on what to do besides take the pill. I get occasional breakouts all over my face and neck but I mostly have a lot of red marks on my cheeks and I get cysts(I think that's what there called) along my jaw line. I also have severe acne on my shoulders, chest, and back. Just recently I started breaking out under my chin and along the front of my neck.

But my question is what should I be doing to get rid of my acne besides taking the pill? Like how should my diet be? What should I wash with? I pretty much want to know anything I can do to help my acne while on Accutane. I also heard that putting lemon on your face helps?

Thanks ahead of time any help is very much appreciated!

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You might wanna do a little bit of reading or try using the search bar. But since I am nice imma just give you a little info and preparation. You will need the following.

1. Lip balm /I use Aquaphor and Burt's bees

2. moisturizer/ I use Cetahphil

3. Cleanser / I use Neutrogena

4. Eye drop/ I use Clear eyes

Keep in mind that your lip will get very dry and irritated and will probably get worst further into the course. To answer your other question, I don't recommend you applying any other topical treatment on your face, especially benzoyxl peroxide considering your face is very sensitive. No lemon juice, NOTHING beside the basic face moisturizer. Ask for diet, I would stay away from fast food, alcohol, and diary product. Oh yeah and remember to drink a lot of water. Goodluck

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