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Why do we have to go through this?

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I'm 17 years old with a huge self confidence issue, due to acne. I've been suffering with it for nearly 4 years. Everyday, I look around, and see everybody, old and young, and even people my age who have acne free faces. I always say to myself "God, you're so lucky to have an acne free face."

I'm afraid to go out because of my acne, and sometimes even my own friends turn against me and make fun of it. I've even had little kids stare at my face and they seem kind of puzzled by it. I've wanted to experience the thrill of having a clear face, just like I used to back when I was younger.

I've tried what seems almost every product that to exists, however, none of it appears to be reducing it. There were times, this past year I was so frustrated with my acne, I would hide in my room and weep until either my parents or my sister would come in and try their best to help me out.

One day I even lost control of my emotions and went and punched a massive hole in the wall because I was that angry about my acne, that's when I realized that it went too far and I just wanted out. I wanted to die because of this.

Why do we humans have to deal with this? What does it all come down to? The food we eat? The way we live? Is it scientific or does it eventually come down to something that cannot be explained?

It's not really much to ask to have clear skin, is it?

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Its just genetic for some people. I've felt like you are feeling right now before. Your not alone at least....acne fucking blows

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Wow your story kind of seems close to mine.

Ive had acne since I was 13 or so.. so that was 5 years ago (18 now, yay!) and.. back when I was 15 and 16 I had it pretty bad with huge painful cysts along the jawline, and really dry skin. Needless to say I was in a real need of help since I was often depressed (although it didnt stop me from going to school or hanging out with my friends).

And then.. during that summer my mom was finally like.. "we need to do something about this.."

and I went to the doctor and got some prescription pills and a topical which really got rid of the cysts and .. all the really painful stuff.

It was working pretty well.. and I was almost clear and then it kind of stopped working since then Ive been trying to find something that works, my acne hasn't gotten as it was before, but.. its definitely still there.. and Im still working on it.

But I have worked myself up to not care as much, or.. at all. You know, gained some self confidence?

I guess what Im trying to say in this round-a-bout way is that dont let acne get the best of you, I mean all you can do is live. And you dont want acne to take over your life do you? I wouldnt exactly call that living!

My advice isnt really that great is it? I have never been good at explaining things and this just seems to prove things doesn't it?

Anyways. I wish I could answer your questions, but I dont even know what kind of acne I have or what type of face (I guess I'm just useless that way!)

Your questions may not be answered ever, but I hope you find some answer that'll get you started.

Good luck!

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