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I have been noticing ALOT of posts about Milia. Seems to me, alot of these people that have them, are on the regimen. From reading some posts that Frances posted, she advised using Eucerin Renewal, but in my case, I believe it might just be the culprit.

Is this possible? If so why?

Is milia extraction by a derm easy?

Does it leave marks?

Any personal experience with milia extraction?

Thank you.

You'll be answering ALOT of questions for people out there with milia!

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LOL. btw I am not a dermatologist - I am just an acne sufferer like the rest of you.

I paraphrase this article often. It is worth a read:


I don't think I would have recommended an aha for milia or clogged pores because they can't penetrate deeply into the pore. I am pretty sure I would have suggested a bha product since that is oil soluble and can exfoliate the inside of the pore.

Sometimes very greasy products are pinpointed as potential causes of milia and cosmetic acne generally. But for the most part my understanding is that milia is trapped and hardened sebum (ie: which differentiates it from clogged pores and blackheads) and is a form of acne lesion which is more common to those with dry skin and on babies. Is it possible that your aha product could be causing problems for you?...yes, anything is possible and you and your derm are the best people to judge. As a basic rule > You should always discontinue use of any product that causes an allergy or unexpected irritation. It's just common sense.

I have heard SkinXpert talk about milia extraction so you might want to pm with some questions about the procedure.

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