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Get on accutane

Hey all i haven't posted here in like a year or two, i went on accutane on 20mg and my acne is gone.

im 22 years old, i weigh 180lbs and was on 20mg for 7 months and bingo my acne is gone, i had severe acne for 6 years. my only side effect is that i gained a little weight on accutane which is awesome cuz i couldnt gain weight before. i had no initial brakeout.

nobody recognized me after accutane, everyone said how amazing my skin looks and how amazing i look lol

don't believe in all that accutane side effect bullsh*t, it's all fake. Acne made me depressed and almost suicidal but accutane saved my life. i tried everything out there even antibiotics and laser treatments, wat a waste of time that was. accutane is the best thing i ever did. bye

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dont believe in the side effects, its all fake?????

how do you know its fake...

Yes for some people like you it might just work without any problems.. but you can't say the same about everyone... theres been people on this board that have used accutane and didnt have their type of acne gone. So um.. its not all FAKE.

But sure people with severe acne should give it a try... there doesnt have to be sideeffects for all.

Whats helpful to know is for what kind of people it will and will not give side effects.

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One round of Accutane works for about 60% of patients.

I've had 2 rounds. Acne still present.

Accutane gave me anemia. I lost handfulls of hair.

Accutane is a great solution for many people, but not for everyone. Sometimes, it doesn't work. Sometimes, patients experience unbearable side effects.

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Two courses of accutane did absolutely nothing for me. Fortunately, I did not suffer any of the very serious and real side effects. Only chapped lips.

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