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Get on accutane whoever is scared

Hey all i haven't posted here in like a year or two, i went on accutane on 20mg and my acne is gone.

im 22 years old, i weigh 180lbs and was on 20mg for 7 months and bingo my acne is gone, i had severe acne for 6 years. my only side effect is that i gained a little weight on accutane which is awesome cuz i couldnt gain weight before. i had no initial brakeout.

nobody recognized me after accutane, everyone said how amazing my skin looks and how amazing i look lol

don't believe in all that accutane side effect bullsh*t, it's all fake. Acne made me depressed and almost suicidal but accutane saved my life. bye

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its nice to see someone who has had success come on and say so. all i ever read is stuff from people who had to do it again and i think crap this isnt gonna last.. thanks by the way im lovin this stuff.

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The only thing I ever noticed while on Accutane (besides dryness :D) was very intensified moods. When I was down I was really sad. When I was in a good mood I was happy-go-lucky. I don't regret taking Accutane at all. It sucked but it was worth it. I ended my 5 month course in early June..... so far so good (knock on wood).

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