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im startin to notice

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first off my red marks have gotten a lot worst since i posted the pictures.....everytime i talk to someone and look at them i catch them looking at down at my chin where all my pimples are and it dissap[oints me.....also my own dad saw me and was amazed at how bad my marks got.....also i saw my friend yesterday that i hadnt seen for like 5 months and hes like "damn what happened to ur skin" its kinda depressing....can anyone give some words of advice or recomend something that raelly works?

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Maybe TCA complex can do u some good. u know what during the healing process, my parents are VERY WORRIED ABOUT MY FACE.. they were like " what the fuck is going on with your face? Did u burn your own self on purpose?" So..

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u can refer it to the peeling process.. U know . my parents just dun understand my feelings about the scars.. they always say it's okay it doesn't matter u are a guy..etc I always want to have them shut up but they never will .. U know ,, b/c of scars , i dun want to get a girlfriend .. seriously . i want to get this sorted out first.. I hope by the time i am 25 , i am done with the whole issue.. I dun want to be wosen off . but i guess exoderm is what i will go for .. I seriously dun know how i can hide myself for another 6 months.. seriously don't..

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i`ve locked myself away for damn weeks now, missed so many classes and social events because of this stupid ass disease. Plus i have scars to deal with, what a freakin world

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