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What im i doing Wrong!

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i been on the regimen for about month and 3 weeks maybe and im still not cleared and i get Breakouts ](*,) its getting anoying

I use Cetaphil bar on the morning then i wait 15 min, I Put on BP ( i use Alot 2 rows of Bp on a finger for each side of my face) then after 15 min i use Neutrogena Moisturicer

I do this twice a day morning and before i go to bed , i havent seen any Improvements...

i dont know but maybe its the Moisturizer? Dan says it would be better to use the Neutrogena Moisturizer when u start the regimen ( i been using it for a while) reason? because they dont sell any other Moisturizers that are on the websites , thats the only one i can find over here in Canada.

i got no clue whats going on

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Don't stress it yet. Many people take a month or longer to see great results. It sounds like you are doing everything right, so hang in there.

As far as the moisturizer goes, if you can find the Eucerin Renewal Alpha Hydroxy up in Canada I highly recommend it, but you should get clear with the neutrogena one as well.

Make sure you keep applying a lot of bp, and very very gently and patiently, and fight the urge to deviate from the regimen at this point. Stick with it closely and keep us posted.

It is always a good idea to watch the videos a couple of times now and then as a refresher too.


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whoaaa..2 rows of fingers on each side of your face 8-[

hmm...is that normal to do that? cause i thought it was just two rows of fingers should be the most u use on ur face...

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