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Post Acne Spots SUCK - Azelex?!

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Hey All,

New Member, long time visitor! First and foremost, apologies to anyone who feels the info here may be a little to TMI/personal!

I've always suffered from zits since puberty, terrible during teen years (only forhead), got better as I got older, suffered the monthly one or two. Then I decided to get off the patch BC after being on it for 5 years straight. My primary doctor reccomended I switch to a different one because of all the bad press it was getting (blood clots leading to death, etc). That was a little over a year ago, I ended up switching to yasmin and then orthro tri-cyclyn. OMG - big mistake! Come to find out, the patch emits 60% more hormones than the average pill. Since I had been on the patch for 5 years, faithfully, my hormones were a frigging MESS!

Nothing worked - topicals, vitamens, antibiotics, organic - like others out there I spared no expense on my search for the "formula". I probably made it worse too :wall: Oh, to describe the type of acne ...cysts about once or every other month, closed balckheads and whiteheads (GALORE, forehead and cheeks, before I only got them on the forehead), which eventually turned into cysts or extremely painful red swollen zits (the ones that squirt when popped, ew). About 3 months ago, I hit the one year mark of being off of birth control, and I went to see a different dermo, my second (1st one was too busy I felt, too many patients can be bad), she prescribed doryx (doxyciline), differen for the day and duac for night and also suggested a glycolic based toner and to wash with a gentle cleanser (Dove) so my skin wouldn't get irritated from all the Rx's. After one month I went in for a follow-up and thats when she suggested...ACCUTANE! Oy vay. The Rx's she had presribed didn't improve anything, at all. She registered me and gave me a preggers test, as required, you also have to be registered with iPleadge, for one month, prior to starting it, and then you can be given a Rx. During that month, I consulted with two friends, one who took it 5 years ago and the other who is on her 2nd month.

Friend #1, male, cysts and bacne, completed a 3 month round, extremly dry lips and skin (needed special medicated lotion and lip balm), that's all he experienced, says he hasn't gotten a many since the first month of taking it. Friend #2, female, on her 2nd month, same dryness, no hair loss, no depression, and she alomst can't bear the dryness, especially as a woman. The side effects, honestly, scare the crap out of me, potential ones and those experienced by others. Personally, I would rather keep my hair and sanity, even if I have to deal with acne. I'm already an emotional person, my dermo specifically asked if I had depression issues (red flag!), I don't but, like I said, emotional :boohoo: lol.

During that month I had to wait and did some research, OMG, waddya know, my hormones have finally started to calm down. YEAY, YEAY, YEAY!!!!! I'm still battling breakouts, but not as many as before. I also have the problem of dealing with dark spots, and I'm Asian and pale as hell. So the marks are, to me, are even more THERE.

I'm not a daily make-up wear-er and even the concealers I've tried don't really work because the spots are so dark/red. Soooooooooo, after reading some reviews I'm wondering if I should try Azelex to help with the dark spots AND acne control. Anyone out there with a similar experience, suggestions or personal reviews of said product. Has anyone ever used "Godiva Licowhite" face lotion for dark spots with good results?!

Sorry so long!

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Welcome to the boards!

If your skin is easily irritated by AHA's and BHA's then stay clear of Azelex! It can cause irritation that may/may not subside with continued use. Othersie if your skin's not too sensitive by all means try it!

You can also try Hydroquinone (if your marks are more brown than red) and consider Glycolic acid as well as peels. Maybe even ACV could help.

PIH is a pain in the ass so don't expect any miracles, but there certainly are products that can help. Just make sure they don't worsen your acne.

Good luck!

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My skin is irritated by AHA and BHA's but I am doing great with Azelex and I find it very gentle.

It does itch but other than that, I havent had peeling, redness etc.

It is fading my pink marks but it does take alot of time. I am also taking Bactrim and using a Clarisonic brush. I use polysporin for the occasional pimple as I dont do well on BP. I also sometimes pop a little extra Azalex on a pimple and that does help.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your advice! My skin isn't sensitive to AHA/BHA, I think all the previous products I've used, in my desperation, toughened it up, lol, just theory. I've used A LOT. Probably aggrevated it more than anything. I use a glycolic toner twice daily, sometimes during the afternoon on weekend, and use Duac (rx) gel every night.

I've been using it for about 3 months and it helps a little bit with discoloration because of the 5% BP in it. Surprisingly, even with the glycolic toner and Duac at night, my skin doesn't get dried out or flaky - at all.

I want to try and stay away from the hydroquinine, only becasue of all the warnings and side effects. Thanks again for your posts, much appreciated!

Have a great weekend!

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finacea is a great product for dark spots. it has 15% azelaic acid. azelex has 20%. my skin is very sensitive so i cant use finacea every day.i use it just twice a week and it still does a wonderful job at fading spots and evening skin tone. ive previously tried hydroquionine(hate it), microdermabrasion(total waste of money), retin-a( way too much peeling and irritation) and many other things that are suppose to help with hyperpigmentation. finacea has given me the best results.

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Thank you for explaining that! I was actually wondering what the differebnce between the two were. I think I'd like to actually try the lower percentage first and see how successful that is, thanks again :)

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I've had some good results with lemon juice.

Its an old folk remedy, and I'm sure someone on these boards has posted about it before, but I read about it through A LOT of googling.

I use lemon in three ways: drink lemon and water, steam my face with hot lemon water and apply lemon juice to my face.

I went out and bought organic lemons... I've not tried doing this with the juice in a bottle, but I imagine it would work the same. I slice some lemon and put it in a glass of water - I drink three glasses of lemon water a day. I've read that some people cut half of a lemon, squeeze the juice into a glass and dilute with water. Apparently that works, but personally I'd worry about the acidity on my teeth.

The steaming is the best... I just fill a bowl with hot water, float a chunk lemon at the bottom and steam away. Feels awesome and my skin is smooth and even looking after.

For spot treatment, I've been applying lemon juice (ie straight from the lemon) to my face. I leave it on for half an hour, then take a damp cloth and pat it off. I've noticed that as an astringent, lemon juice doesn't do much for active acne, BUT its working wonders for old scarring and red marks. Apparently some people find pure lemon juice too strong and dilute with water. I didn't, though I did notice a tingling sensation that goes away after a couple of minutes.

I've been doing these things for about 5 days and I've already seen improvement. :)

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I have a lot of spots on my face from acne as well. I have yet to try the lemon juice method. I don't know about drinking lemon water since it is too acidic for me. I can't even drink orange juice because I feel nauseous. Maybe I'll try using the lemon juice to put on the brown spots.

It might sound silly, but I heard that rice water works. A friend of mine told me that she uses the water after she washes the rice with and then washes her face afterwards. Maybe it's the bleach in the white rice? Has anyone tried this before?

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Just to respond about Azalex 20% vs Finacea 15%. I read a report online (sorry I cant find it) that the finacea is actually absorbed better and so stronger than the azalex even though its a weaker percent. It has to do with the vehicle it is in. I do remember the report was very official sounding :)

I have been using both. I got the azalex originally. I remember putting a big extra blob of it on a zit and the next morning my zit was reduced in half! But at the same time I got alot of white heads on my forehead (not sure if it was the azalex though). So I got finacea...and I like that very much also. I am kind of thinking that the finacea works better for me, but I may try the azalex when my skin gets dryer as its more cream based. (For some people the cream breaks them out..so I will check on that) Right now I am using finacea all over my face and azalex on my back.

Fading of pink marks takes a long time. But mine have faded alot! My skin is looking really great thanks to azalex and bactrim. I have found BP and AHA to be very irritating to me.

So now I pop on extra azalex for a zit or sometimes polysporin. And I am also using a clarisonic brush..expensive but so awesome! My skin is reallly glowing.

Let us know how it works for you!

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LOL, you must of read my mind, after hearing about Finacea I was just about make another post asking for the difference between the two. May I ask...

How often do you use it? Once or twice a day? Few times per week? What kind of pimples do you get and how often? I'm interested in what you have to say since you use both.

Thanks so much!


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I'm going to try the lemon thing, it doen't hurt and from everything I've read and heard from other people, I haven't heard, yet, that it causes any breakouts, so why not?!

Thank you guys for your comments and responses :)

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Hey, just wanted to amend something with the lemon because I've been trying a new method that seems to work.

When you apply the lemon juice to your skin, instead of leaving it, then patting it off rub some 'polysporin' (heal fast formula) over the spots immediately after the lemon juice dries. Seems to be working quite well for me since the lemon juice has a way to absorb into my skin. <--- I have no idea if that comment makes any medical sense, but it sounds good to me :)

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