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El Sol

Very Frustrated. . . need help

I've been on the regimen for over 6 months and i can't seem to keep clear for over a week. This last week my face was basically clear and I was fine but then on Sunday a small red spot that i had grew to a big pimple on my nose. It's Wedensday and it's still there. That pimple along with like two or three small ones on my chest is what if frustrating me. Any suggestions on what to do?



Cleanse with Cetaphil Bar

Moisturize: Dove Moisturizer with SPF 15


Workout: Hour and a half of mixed running and power walking

Shower right after but don't mess with face just wet the face


Cleaning: Cetaphil Bar

Acne Treatment: Neutrogena On the Spot Bp

I wait 15 minutes in between the cetaphil and the Bp when I apply it

The reason that i don't apply Bp in the morning is because of the tightness and white residue that it leaves behind.

So what can I do?? Please help.

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do your pimples keep reoccuring in the same place, IE your nose? or do they appear on different parts of your face. BP is a pain in the morning, I would suggest maybe some SA instead.

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The acne on my chest is the one that keeps reoccuring in the same spot. On my face, the big pimple on my nose is the only one that has come up. But it's big like a double pimple. I have some Neutrogena SA Wash, Pore something wash. It's got 2% SA. So you think cleansing, SA, then moisturize is the way to go in the monring??? Keep the feedback coming.

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well strictly speaking you are not doing the regimen at morning or night biggrin.gif In the am you only cleanse and moisturise and in the pm you only cleanse and use bp.

If you feel that you are troubled by dryness or tightness change to a liquid cleanser. Cleanse briefly - 10 seconds should do it.

Do you do the regimen on your chest as well?

I think using bp once a day obviously isn't enough to stave off acne completely. You could either tweak your regimen (less cleansing, more moituriser) so the bp causes less tightness. Or if you absolutely don't want to use bp twice a day - you might want to consider adding in an exfoliant product ( particularly an aha or sa moituiser in the pm) which would help offset the flaking from the bp and ensure that some kerolytic or anti acne agent was on your skin at night.

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My suggestion is that you do the regimen. What you are currently doing is not the regimen. This would mean changing your routine as such:

Morning: Add generous amounts of 2.5% bp. Switch to Eucerin Renewal or another alpha hydroxy moisturizer. This will completely rid you of any white residue.

After workout: Pat your face dry with a clean towel and go home. Don't shower, don't wet the face. You want to avoid cleansing more than twice a day, even if it is just with water. Alternative to this is to workout later in the evening so you can just do the evening regimen after working out.

Evening: Add moisturizer. Since you are adding bp in the morning suddenly, your face may get dry. To prevent this, moisturize twice daily. Also, as a side note, check your dove moisturizer. Does it contain any oils? If so, use something else like Eucerin Renewal.

If you decide to try the regimen, let us know how it goes.


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