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Okay, so I took Accutane a little over six years ago with amazing results. I ended up with perfect, flawless skin that wouldn't break out even under the worst conditions. It's literally the only thing I ever tried that made any sort of long term, drastic change to my skin.

Fast forward to about four years later. I began getting occasional nodules. At first they were smaller and would go away after a week or so. As time went on, the frequency and severity increased. I began considering Accutane again about six months ago. My derm had no problem prescribing it for me, because of the great result I had with it the last time, and I went to get my bloodwork done. I was just waiting for my IPledge card, when my insurance company told me that they weren't going to cover my treatment. (they actually said they wouldn't cover ANY acne treatment at all!)

Apparently, according to them, my acne is a pre-existing condition, which is true, but ridiculous nonetheless. And since last time I sought treatment, I was covered by my parents' insurance, the policy I'm on now won't cover it... ever.

I could get into how pissed off/devastated I am about all of this, but I guess the point of this post is just to ask if anyone out there has taken Accutane without insurance before. If so, how much did it cost? (pills, bloodwork, derm visits) Any replies/advice would be much appreciated.

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Sorry to hear about the insurance problem. I have a $4000 deductible so I know the pain of dishing out lots of money for the 'tane. My son is on 'tane, 40mg twice a day, $380 a month @ Costco, derm is $80 per month, blood test is $21. He's been on it 3 months and I have not seen any noticable improvement. It breaks my heart to see him and how other people react to him (I have heard hurtful things from girls especially)... Anyway, good luck !

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Im doing it without insurance...so far its been about $240 for the perscription, $50 for the office visit, and $90 for the lab work, all per month.

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Thanks for the replies. I probably can't afford to pay more than $300 a month though, unfortunately. The whole thing is just annoying. I feel like if a DOCTOR prescribes something that he/she feels is medically necessary, the insurance company should have to pay. But oh well...

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And MosaicMama, have patience. I actually didn't see any results until the very, very end of my treatment. A lot of people's acne goes into remission forever, but some people (like me) need another course. The chances of your son not seeing any improvement at all are rare. At least I got four years of worry-free skin. Guess I'm going to have to start saving up for course number 2... I don't *reeeally* need to eat do I?

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