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I have been reading these posts for about a year and a half now and I've come to a few conclusions. The posts can be both benificial and detrimental to people who read them. Benefitial because it can give someone hope (which is very important), but it can also make people more depressed when they find out that there really is no 100% cure for scarring. This leads me to my next point. You are your worst critic and most people don't notice the things that you notice about yourself. The damage from acne scarring is 99% psychological. Whether you are happy or depressed is completely up to you. I've noticed that my scarring seems to depend on how much I think about it. I've gone weeks without thinking about it and those weeks tend to be my happiest. When I'm constantly looking in the mirror, I get depressed and it seems to completely consume my life. I suggest that everyone who reads this post tries this: Go atleast one week with avoiding mirrors. You can still go through your routine, just don't stare in the mirror and think about it. It will do wonders for your self esteem (which acne scarring has the biggest affect on). I've rambled on long enough and I hope that everyone tries this and lives a fuller life because of it.

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Thats a great way to look at things glasshalffull! ....while my scarring isnt as severe as others but isnt just 2 or 3 tiny indents...its hard going from considerably nice skin to "thisss" although I dont want to sit there and just accept my scars or live with them, I do want to have a more positive outlook on life and a better acceptance of my skin and overall appearance...I think what helps the most,sadly, is seeing people out there who truly have problems with their skin, or health in general whether it be a life threatening disease, or a skin condition a million times worse than mine...i see some of these people smiling and trying to enjoy life and i feel inspiried and sorry for them all at once...another thing that helps is knowing that there are, surprisingly, things that help scarring...even though it might take much time and money, one day I can have improvement and that keeps me going..im only 19 and both parents have some scars and seem to get by fine with them, but for me I think I want the balance of being able to WANT to live and accept myself but also taking an active approach on something that makes me very unhappy...wow talk about rambling hehe....but yes I def agree with you..and good luck smile.gif

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