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If someone was to do CROSS...

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If they were going to do it on themselves, would you recommend starting with 50% TCA or going straight to 100%?

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Well I have done CROSS with 50% TCA 2 times and have recieved some results,not huge but def noticable ones....Im tempted to order the 100% for even better results so I may in the future but for now ill try 50% another 1 or 2 times because it does help i believe...I guess it all depends how bad your scarring is...my scarring isnt all over my face and its not severe but its not mild either...i ordered 50% just to be cautious but im sure that if you are careful ,100% isnt truly dangerous ...no matter what TCA you order, make sure to use a toothpick,read the TCA thread and document and be very careful not getting the TCA on any skin except that which is scarred..good luck!!!!

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Hmm....not quite sure...I think the 100% just penetrates deeper into the skin or the scar than 50% does ...im thinking maybe that 50% can give you the same results 100% can but in a longer amount of time....If your scars are very deep and severe maybe the 100% is better altogether though...im sorry....it all depends on your scarring...if you want the tca DOCUMENT I CAN SEND YOU IT...IT SHOWS SOMEONE THAT USED 65% TCA AND SOMEONE THAT USED 100% TCA...THE PERSON THAT USED 65% HAD MORE SHALLOW SCARRING,BUT BOTH GOT GOOD RESULTS...SORRY THIS IS IN CAPS I HIT THE CAP BUTTON AND I DONT FEEL LIKE CHANGING IT NOW LOL

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