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im 16 with acne and i need desperate help plz! :/

ive never had acne in my whole life untill april of this year and over the course of 3 months my skin has gone from nice to not so nice...its a mess!!!! and i hate it!

I have more acne on my cheeks and below my nose. I dont know wat caused me to start to get acne.

I play soccer and these months i have been exposed to the sun quite a lot and maybe the sunblock i used caused me to break out much more. However, i have realized that i also developed more acne when i started to shave. i shaved my moustache and jawline. Now im getting breakouts below my nose and i think its due to shaving.

In the course of these three months i have tried 3 different medications... Before i did my research on acne i did not know much on how to deal with it. so i first bought clean and clear advantage kit. This was a total mistake as i noticed that after a week or so i had little bumbs all over my skin. i stopped using it and went to my doctor who prescribed me erythromycin & benzoyle ( dont know

the name of the medication) after that i switched to benzaclin. I have seen absolutely no improvement and my skin looks awful. i have 4 and a half weeks with benzaclin and all i see is increased redness on my skin. it looks bad :( my cheeks are red...my left is more red...and below my nose..:/

i just started summer skool 2 days ago and i feel like a mess... i dont hang out with my friends because of my skin and i just go straight to class...acne has made me less confident!!! i hate it!!! and i have a girlfriend who is so beautiful and i havent seen her for 3 weeks because she is gone for vacations...now i think she is going to not like me because of what im going through :/

my life is not like it used to be and im frustrated...i ask myself.."why is it happening?" am i being punished? any suggestions?

this is my regimin

morning: neutrogena oil free acne wash with 2% salycid acid


neutrogena oil free moisturizer (just where i apply my medication)

night : same thing as morning except i dont moisturize

i have no acne in any other part of my body except maybe 1 or 2 pimples on my back..nothing serious

wat can i do to get rid of my redness?? its driving me crazy....:/

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Just some golden tips.

Less is better, Never feel too much or even any dryness, too dry can irritate skin. If too oily wash it off, If water drys you out alot, Let your skin heal cuz its been damaged too much, For me benza dried me out ALOT so I stopped using it. Find what works for you. See if BP or SA works for you. Don't touch your face.

NEVER feel uncomfortable. Use products that works for YOU. Doc gave me retin-a but I stopped using it cuz when I wake up I am usually REALLY REALLY oily and the product gave me a really red face. when I stopped using it, my skin became a WHOLE LOT less oily when I woke up and less redness. BOTTOM LINE - not all products works for everyone take your time and find what works for you. And also don't forget, TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!!! God bless :] good luck bro

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Stress can cause acne, so step 1 is to not think about it so much and just accept it. I would recommend to stop using that wash with salycic acid in it. Get the cleanser off of danielkern.com or maybe Purpose from Wal-mart. They are very gentle for your face. The combination of the salycic acid from the wash and the benzoyl peroxide could be extremely drying and cause more problems than anything else.

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well thanks for the support :)

i stopped using my neutrogena oil free wash because i think it was a mistake using it in the first place.

yesterday night i just washed my face with water for a minute and pat dry and after 10 minutes i applied benzaclin. My face feels so much better but i broke out nasty today. around 10 small whiteheads below nose, chin, and cheeks. However, they turned yellow pretty fast. Do u think my face is pushing out all the bad from inside?

and im trying not to stress out on acne but it drives me nuts. ill try my best to just accept it.

should i just wash with water and then apply medication or should i buy a good gentle cleanser?

and wat can i do to make redness go away? :)

again...thank u all :) i appreciate it :)

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1st if your girlfriend doesn't like you because of your acne than you now know she is not the "one".

Anyhow, I would first like to say you are very courageous coming on a website and asking for help.

I would also like to state everyone has a different reaction to products. Some things work and some things don't.

2nd, I would like to tell you acne isn't a quick fix. It can take months to years for some people.

I'm not sure if you have tried ProActiv but I would try it. Also get the Clearisil pads ultra.

In the morning when you take a shower take the cleanser of proactiv in with you. After you wash your hair, apply it generously and rub it in hard. Then wash it off. Then when you get out apply the toner and done.

Then when you come home from soccer, apply the clearisal and let dry. Then when it's almost time for bed, put the repairing lotion on the problem spots.

I would also like to add that some products I used for my hair (Pantene products) made my face breakout. I would experiment with your shampoo and other products.

For shaving I have the same problem as you do. I use Nivea Sensitive gel. It works very well I must admit. After I'm done shaving I apply ice to my face for 3 minutes. This helps somehow.

Try not to use after shave as it seems to make me break out.

Anyways, this is just works for me. It might NOT help you at all. I'm just here to help.

Have a wonderful day.


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try powedered sunscreen. my friend got acne from the sunscreen she used. also change your pillowcase every otherday. Dont smoke, just saying if you do. Also stop drinking alot of soda and junkfood. These are some of the reasons people can get acne.

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again thank u :)

i dont really want to apply too many products on my face at the moment. It can just make things worse than they are. My friend tried pro active and his face became a mess and i dont want to go through the same things.

today is my first day after 3 weeks that ive stopped using neutrogena oil free wash and my face feels so much smoother and i dont feel any new breakouts coming.

I am going to keep u guys informed how i do each day and see if it gets better. :)

also i am going to see a dermatologist this monday and see what he has to say.

the thing that kills me is going like this to summer skool and avoiding conversations and my friends :/

regarding the sunscreen: i am using coppertone oil free sunblock

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Friday July 11 2008: Today i woke up and my face looks the same as usual. It is red on both cheeks (left side more than right) and my breakouts from yesterday are vanishing but they are still there. I woke up with 4 new breakouts ranging from small to medium. Nothing big. My skin looks very irritated. However it feels so much better after i stopped using neutrogena oil free acne wash with 2% salycid acid.

Any suggestions to heal my redness from existing acne? im feeling down since i never had acne like this in my life and its ruining my life :/

thx :):)

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When someone gives you advice you should take it. Are you your friend? You and your friend have different skin unless your inbred or something.

Try what people say, and you might get results.

THx for the advice and im just going to see what my dermatologist recommends me.

After i think about it i think my skin is how it is because i bombed my face with so many products in those 3 months. I believe it was me getting frustrated and trying to solve the problem with no help from experts.

Yes, i am aware that products work differently on each person. Thank u skeets for the advice :)

I think what i need more than anything is support. My life isnt how it used to be and it makes me sad. :/ Im in a period in life where i was becoming more social with friends etc.

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well today i woke up with the same redness as usual...my face feels like sandpaper when i touch my cheeks and my forhead still breakouts each day with at least 1 or 2 pimples (not whiteheads or blackheads). I dont see any breakouts at all besides my forhead and that makes me happy. However, my redness is still there and my face looks damaged :/

Bottomline: no improvement in redness and i still have a lot of small bumps on cheeks that make it feel like sandpaper :/

i dont know if i have also menitioned this but i also have a whole mess of little whiteheads below lips that i can see only if i stretch my skin out. My forhead also has these..:/

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Well today i woke up and tried to forget i have acne and i went to the bathroom trying to avoid the mirror but i eventually saw my face....:/ acne is clearing up but i still have many bumps under skin, etc....and my redness is just as yesterday's and its driving me nuts...

might it be turning red because of the benzoyle peroxide im using? i only get red where i apply medicine...but im not sure if thats quite true...:/ suggestions? :):):)

besides my acne i still feel the same and i hope it gets better soon :):wall:

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