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20mg of Accutane Enough?

Hi all,

I am a college student and I have been suffering from moderate acne for about 5 years. I have tried a lot of things, finally after reading about accutane, I decided I wanted it. I recently moved, so I had to change dermatologists. My old dermatologist had been fine starting me on accutane, though I had to leave before I could start it with him, but my new one was reluctant to, he said my acne wasn't serious enough. However, he is also very old (80+) and didn't seem to intelligent - he said accutane could only be effective at high doses (e.g. 80mg) and said some things that made me wonder about how senile he was.

I convinced (begged) him to put me on accutane, so he said he would only give me 20mg, which he didn't think would be enough to help, and kind of laughed at me. I have read some research that said it should, even for fairly big people (I'm 170 pounds), but at the same time, I understand that this will be a low dose to be on (he said he'll keep me at 20mg for about 5 months). Does anyone have any success stories about this low dosage (and having acne go into permanent recession after)? Should I just give up and return to my old dermatologist, who would give me a higher dosage, and bear the 6 hour round trip visits? Thanks all.

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