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Acne - breaks outs after beer (in all seriousness)

I will try to describe my acne and how I treated it in the past as close as I can.

I live in a very humid and hot area. Its like a swamp. My acne almost completely goes away in winter but comes back hard in the summer. Its mostly on my forehead, temples and around the nose. I rarely drink, but I am dead serious that when I drink 3 beers or so - I get a real oily face next morning and a break out. That and weather are the only 2 things that cause semi-break outs. I generally have oily skin and break outs occur in the oily spots only. My skin is NOT flaky though.

My acne is non-inflamed and there are no white heads or black heads. Its pretty much small bumps. I treated it with BenzaClin and Duac. That had little to no effect. I tried Tazorac but that just dried my skin so bad and the bumps were still there. They are so deep! Nothing brings them out, but fascial surgery/acne surgery. My diet and water in-take and exercise are all real good. I live healthy.

I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and it works fine. I don't put much of anything else on my face.

I got new info here and decided to see if my acne is that Fungal thing. I bought Nizoral 1% and washed head/face before going to bed. In the morning and my bumps have already decreased a bit.

I also ordered Paula Choice 2% BHA to see if that helps. Any other advice?

I have this gut feeling my acne doesn't go away because medications don't reach it. Its like so deep inside my skin and yet not inflamed or cystic. Often the pimple is way bigger than the amount of white fatty stuff that comes. There is never pus, only white stuff. Sometimes nothing comes out...

I'm 21 male. Is there ANY chance I can still outgrow my acne? I'm a late bloomer and my acne showed up late (when I was like 17 or so) and I still grow like a teenager.

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I said I do it rarely. There is nothing wrong with having a few beers every few weeks. But whats funny is its only beer, not other type of alcoholic beverages.

I'm not BSing this. I noticed this pattern for several years.

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i sorta have the same problem. iv noticed a few times after goin clubbing, so dancing and drinking, that my skin breaks out the next day. i suppose i gotta expect a bit cuz of lack of sleep etc but it really breaksout.

for example i went out a week ago and my skin broke out and is still pretty bad

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