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More Improvements w/ pics



9 Months ago today I was a total mess and finally realized it, looking back at older photographs I realized that I had acne for a little over a year and a half. December 8th is the date I found Acne.org Since then my skin has done nothing but improve. I ran into alot of help along the way from various members. 2 who stand out are

LiliVG and Love Sideways

From the beginning I followed LiliVG's Taurine guide religiously. Later months however I slowly branched off and started doing my own thing. Then about 3 weeks ago Love Sideways explained to me the significance of acne products and their function. Since then I have been keeping up with my regime to great success. Without further adieu here is my Comparison picture.

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Thanks. This past months changes have been so drastic :)

more improvement in last 3 weeks then first 6 months

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Excellent results, as always bro!

Could you go a little more in depth into your acne products you use?

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First thing I do when I go into the bathroom is

-grab a fresh towel.

-Fill sink with hotter than warm water

-Soak face for one breath ( I put my face in the water)

-Drain Sink

-Fill Sink again

-Soak again

-Drain sink AGAIN *As its draining I put two pumps of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser on my hands and masage it on my face

-I keep masaging until sink is full again with water

-then i sort of waive my hand around in the water to get the cetaphil off my hands then I soak my face in the sink for the final time

-Pat face dry and then apply a dot of Clearasil ULTRA Treatment Cream to your finger tip and apply on active acne spots

-Let dry

Apply a SMALL Nickel/Dime size blob onto your hand and masage hands together then apply a light layer over your face

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sounds like you know what you're doing.

less is best for your face.

i use a gentle cleanser and jojoba oil.

never use lotions anymore..


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Ok so the regime was tweaked. I have stopped using BP. I was told it would make redmarks last longer and that seemed to be my problem.

I now take a shower and splash water on my face after you feel the oil come off i hop out of the shower, still leaving it running and go to my bathroom mirror and squeeze anything thats like on its way out. the steam and warm water help it. Don't do anything hard as you will damage your skin. then i hp back in shower and start splashing water again.

I then take a pump of cetaphil and wash my face with it then rinse it off. when I get out of the shower i squeeze some aloe vera into my hands and masage it into my face.

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