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Obsessive Carboholic Teenager Looking for a diet change?

So, yes, I have a bit of a problem...

I eat really, really poorly. Horribly, actually. Everything I eat is meat or carbs. Chicken, rice, noodles, pretzles. Oh, and cheese - I eat cheese, too. And then sugar - cookies, brownies, ice cream, popsicles.

I'm not overweight, but of course when I look in the mirror, my brain begs to differ.. and the acne on my face (and back and chest and shoulders) is not helping one bit.

But, there are a couple things stopping me from changing my diet.

One problem? I'm a super picky eater.

I go WEEKS/MONTHS without ever even TOUCHING a single fruit or vegetable.

Other problem? I've got migraine disease, so there are many foods I'm not supposed to eat. All of the things on this list I'm supposed to not eat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foods_containing_tyramine

Last problem? I don't like hardly any healthy food. The vegetables I like are corn, green beans, radishes (if they do not taste), carrots, celery (well, back when I could have peanut butter with it - but now they are gross without peanut butter on them), lettuce...

The fruits I like? Even less: Apples, Bananas, Watermelon (except I have to pick around those dang seeds).

My favorite foods? Pretzels, Noodles, Hot dogs, Deli sandwiches... Chicken... Steak.. Rice

And of course, I'm clearly deprived of all my vitamins, so I was wondering what of those I need to take daily? Zinc? Vitamin B? Calcium? Etc.?

And I don't really ever exercise - so what about walking. Will taking a brisk walk count as exercise and help at all?

BTW - Losing a couple of pounds while I'm at it would be a bonus :)

Does anyone have any advice on what I could do to change my diet and help clear up my acne? I think I'd like to give this approach a shot.

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Yes a brisk walk will help. But why not go for runs and lift weights as well?

I used to be similar, but trust me, just force yourself to eat more fruit and veg, and eventually you'll grow to like them. You may even like them more than you remember the first time.

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Well seeing as how extremely bad your diet is (sorry lol), I'm sure you would see improvement with some basic changes.

My advice would be to slowly ease into it, by first cutting down on the junk and adding in some of the veggies and fruits you said you do like. I'm telling you, your tastes WILL change and evolve to where you actually end up liking the foods that are good for you.

Aim for drinking more water, let's say at least the proverbial 8 glasses a day, and cut down on soda consumption.

Also aim for eating more whole foods. Instead of eating pizza from Pizza Hut, why don't you try and make your own from better quality ingredients?

Also, IMO (and in the opinions of quite a few people here), meat is not bad, so don't worry about eating meat, worry about cutting down on refined carbohydrates. When you eat carbs, ALWAYS get whole grain...it might taste weird at first, but that is a big step in the right direction.

Try adding in more fresh raw veggies, and if you must, force yourself to eat them. Make a salad of fresh greens, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, etc with some olive oil and vinegar (stay away from salad dressing).

Like I said, take it slowly, and try and make changes that you know you will STICK with.

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