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Insensitivity to Retinoids?

Hi! I am new to this forum and this is my first post!!

I had used tretinoin 0.05% cream for about six months and I recently started using

Tazorac 0.05% for about two weeks.

I have never experienced any side effects or irritation from these retinoinds,

which I find pretty weird because almost everyone here is complaining about how retinoids

have dried and burned their skin.

I can use ALOT of medication without any irritaion, I just find the cream base to be a little


Does this mean that the retinoinds are not working for me?

I still get 2-3 breakouts every day.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

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^How are you applying it? Before and after any other products?

I had been prescribed Tret. 0.025%, moved up to 0.05%, then 0.1%, but found 0.1% too harsh for me so I dropped back down to 0.05%, and since then I have had no irritation either.

If you're getting 2-3 new comedones a day, maybe you should try some other products, or a higher conc. of Tretinoin?

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I use an antibiotics lotion in the morning, and I alternate between

BP and Tazorac at night.

I guess I will tell my doctor to move up to 0.1% and change it to a gel base.

Ironically, I am looking to some form of irritation so that I know it is actually working or doing something.

I am not so sure about comedones, but I get 2-3 papule or pustles (mostly papules) every day.

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Oh yeah I was just using "comedone" as a generic word for zit, could you brief me on the difference between "papule" and "pustule"?

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oh i see,

according to my understanding (correct me if I am wrong), papules are red/pink bumps and pustles are papules filled with pus.

They are what people refer to as zits, breakouts, or blemishes.

Comedones are whiteheads and blackheads and are non-inflammatory.

More information here:

Have you ever tried differin?

I heard that Tazorac is the strongest retinoid, if even 0.1% does not work,

I am gonna try azelaic acid,,

Tired of this battle,,

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