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Am I doing something wrong?

Well its day 8 of doing this regimen and before I was experiencing flakyness, redness, and stinging when applying the bp... so i tried something a bit diff and that is putting like 4 drops of jojoba oil and gently patting it on my face and i wait about 1 min to put the bp on...is it less effective doing it this way since after waiting 15 mins i don't experience any tingling sensation or dryness for that matter, but i still put some moisturizer afterwards.

Before when I was using proactive i always feel that tingling sensation so I would assume that this sensation means that the product is working but im not getting that feeling anymore (used to get it on day 3 of the regimen) when i apply bp. Does that mean that it stopped working?

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That doesn't mean its stopped working, you've just created a barrier between your skin and the bp with the jojoba oil. This might mean that the bp won't be able to penetrate the skin as deeply as before and as a result be slightly less effective. But give it a try, it can't hurt, if you find yourself breaking out more this way then switch back to applying bp after freshly washed skin and applying the jojoba oil after the bp.

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I don't tingle or burn anymore from the BP. It actually feels kind of cool and refreshing now. Go figure. I think it's because my skin has become accustomed to it now.

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