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The Myths of RX Vs. "Natural" Treatment

Hey everyone! I'm Tom, a new member of Acne.org. I'm a 21 year old male that had moderate acne from age 14 to about six months ago - ALOT of suffering endured. My condition, granted, wasn't as bad as some, however at any given time I had two to three large pustules on my cheeks and upper lip - NASTY. My parents, for years, when I tried to address the issue, would reply "it'll clear by itself - give it time." Finally, on my 21st birthday in November 2007, I had had enough.

Despite horrible posts about RX treatments (mostly by people who only gave the medicines a week and gave up - you MUST wait at least six weeks to see improvement with stronger treatments), I decided to give a dermatologist a try. IM SO GLAD I DID - I was put on a clindimycin and benzoyl peroxide regimen once a day in the morning, and Retin-A every other night. It was a long haul at first, but it did absolute magic for my skin. It has been eight months and I've had 3 pimples since December. TOTALLY LIFE CHANGING!

I should not have wasted time with all that crap. My acne is completely gone, thanks to science and medicine, however my scars (slowly fading thanks to the Retin-A) are still there, and wouldn't be had I treated this years earlier.

My whole point in this long rant is simple: DON'T WAIT. See a dermatologist as soon as possible so you can treat the problem before you have a face full of scars at 21 years of age. To all those who are considering the regimen I am using, tell your doctor to prescribe Clindimycin 1% cream, and apply that subsequently with over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide 5%. This will cost you 40 Dollars total, without insurance. The alternative is Benzaclin, a prescription mixture of these two ingredients, costing 130 Dollars without insurance. A big difference!

Give the derm a try - you wont be disappointed, like most people are with "natural" remedies. Be patient and if you have any questions PLEASE ask! I would be more than happy to have people learn from my experience. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


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