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I am a 22 year old guy and have been suffering from Acne for a year now. By the time I hit 21 all hell broke loose for no reason. Anyway, I had tons of zits on my face and I gave ProActiv a try. Well to my surprise it got rid of my zits very fast BUT I started noticing that after I used it I started having these white dots that are embedded on my skin now for over 4 months. They are not bumps and they are soft. I give them a little squeeze and the contents come out like a white string. I exfoliate with Saint Ives every 2-3 days since it breaks me out or dries my skin really bad if I use it more often. I have oily skin. I tried Duac but with no success.

At this moment I have a bunch of scars, mostly from a bad habit of picking these things that never go away. Everyday I spot new ones. After searching on the web I thought they were called milia but mines are not hard at all. These white dots are annoying me to know end. I cant stand them and I cant sleep at night, I literally wake up 3 times or more a night because I cant get them outta my mind.


Please help me!

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I have uploaded a photo. Any suggestions to cure this would be a godsend.

Things are going bad for me, I know have comodones on my forehead.... T_T

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Hey, when my acne first started breaking out, it started with those same little white dots. They were sooo annoying, and then they started getting bigger, more red and un-poppable.. They were all along my jawline, where I now have really bad acne.. I am 100% certain that its hormonal, so I am now on Yasmin to help calm it down.. What I would suggest is that you don't try to pop them as its only gonna worsen the problem. Go and see a doctor while its mild, I left mine too late... :(

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