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I always peruse this site because I am a mild to moderate acne sufferer, but it had gotten increasingly worse over the last few months. I have never posted on here before, but I felt the need to because I found something that may work for others.

4 weeks ago I went to the beach for vacation and I was pleasantly surprised while during my 7 days there I never got a newpimple, and the ones that I did have healed quickly.

When I came home I talked to my parents about not having any problems while at the beach and they attributed it to the sun and saltwater from the ocean. After I was back for 2-3 days I could see the pimples starting to come back again.

My Dad said that maybe I should try rinsing my face with saline solution as it is sodium chloride (salt) in sterile water. I thought, what the heck?

It works. It actually works. I had saline solution at home because I wear contacts and have very sensitive eyes so I use just the SALINE Solution Target brand. I wash my face as usual, but before I use any topical creams or moisturizers, I pat saline solution all over my face.

It's been a little over a week and I'm continuing to clear up.

Just a thought.

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i have done this for the past few days and so far the results are pretty good! Thanks for the recomendation! How is it going for you, are you still seeing improvement?

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