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Help! Suggestions for Vitamins / Regimen while on Accutane Needed


I will be starting Accutane today. I am curious if others continue to use vitamins while on Accutane? If so, which ones?

Also, has anyone had problems with continuing their regular workouts?

Thanks so very much,


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Check with your doctor about supplements and advisability of continuing them while on Accutane. Anything at all that you put into your body, even so-called 'natural' supplements will have an effect on liver or kidney health since everything is metabolized by one or the other (and various other body systems including bile, stomach, intestines, etc) in a complicated dance of enzymes, hormones, etc.

Strenuous workouts that damage muscle tissue (running, weight lifting, etc) WILL elevate liver enzymes. It is just a fact of how the body works; the metabolites of muscle tissue destruction show up as elevated liver enzymes. If your blood values are fine, you can continue your regular workouts.

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I spoke with my derm a few weeks back and ask the same question and from what she told me is that taking vitamin is ok but just stay away from vitamin A and you should be fine. Currently I am taking Walmucil which is a fiber tablet to promote regularity to clean out my system. From what I heard this is very good to prevent cystic acne from developing in the future and not to mention you have to go to the restroom everyday.

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