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Why does something good always bring bad along?

So the good is I got a nice raise at work last week that I was not expecting and I also was given more authority. I go home and tell my hubby who was on vacation, I was all excited because if we get our costs down to 30% all of management get a nice bonus. So he says thats nice at least you got a raise I haven't had one in 2 yrs! Then he says well thats not fair to the others if only management gets the bonus. I was just so put out with him for what he said, he makes twice what I make, has insurance that pays for everything(he drives a truck). I know his job is stressful as he is responsible for an 80thousand pound truck, but that wasn't the point. I work my ass off, never give anyone problems, I am never told to find something to do. Then he tells me he just paid a fine for being over the legal length on a road(?) It comes on the heels of another fine for being overweight at the scales to the tune of 1100. dollars that he has to pay back each week! I just went balastic! Then I find out that one of the girls at work said that all I and my manager do is stand in the back and talk and aren't worth the money we are paid!! This coming from someone who just stands around and holds up the counter!!!!! I am so angry right now, the company that he works for has the right to let you go if they deem it necessary for no reason and he is not too worried where as I am scared to death about this! Oh and I forgot to mention that he hasn't even turned in the ticket to the company yet and its been almost 2 weeks since he got it! Sorry for the long rant, just didn't want my kids to hear it. Elf

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