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HUGE redmark from a group of zits

I dont even want to post a pic of this. I am highly embarrassed.

I have this cluster of zits. Ill say about 4 of them because I can see a dot or head for each one... but only one had a whitehead. The others were like... dark red dots... similar to bruising. Similar to when blood is exposed to air-- it turns dark.

So a few days ago im looking at this cluster zit and its just looking red. Its almost like the more it moved to the surface the more worse it looked- because now its almost completely flat and its got about 4 dark red almost looks like a blood bubble on each "zit". Remember they ganged up on me and made one.

It really looks like a bruise. This is the 2nd time its happened since June. I had one near my eyebrow but its not at bad as this one on my cheek. one on my cheek looks like a big bruise or almost a birthmark.

Im really angry because i cannot find a derm to see since im on medicaid in NJ... My fam doc gave me no more than 2 mins of his time last week and said to me... he said- You need accutane to knock this out once and for all. not like anyone helped me find a doc since hardly anyone here takes medicaid.

I should be working in the beginning of Aug so i wont have the medicaid anymore... so who knows what ill have for insurance then and what it will cover.

Sorry for the rant but i dont know what to do to keep it from getting worse. Its looking purple compared to yesterday/last night. I guess i just cant do anything about it?

If it bugs me, i might just get a pic of it later but as of now its very ugly and this discourages me a lot. Im getting depressed over my skin once again.

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