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Mouth acne, had it for several years, went away last winter, then came back.

Well, I'm a 19 year old male, and ive had acne for as long as I can remember, but only around my mouth. My chin and a little above my upper lip, usually. It's been like that for years now. Strange thing is, it went away completely over the winter, and came back just this spring. The return actually coincided exactly with the time I hooked up with my girlfriend, if that has anything to do with it.

As far as my diet goes:


Special K High Protein Cereal w/ Milk & OJ

Centrum Multivitamin

Vitamin Water (Power-C....it replaces coffee, i have an office job, and im afraid ill fall asleep)


(This is when i come home to work out)

Slim Fast High Protein Shake

A quick bite of some meat and/or bread.

(Dont believe in big lunches)


Anything, as long as its not explicitly bad for you. I stay away from foods that are. I eat healthy at night.


I really dont have one, cause i really dont always have time. Usually in the mornings ill wash my face in the shower (very hot water), and wash with soap, then a salicyclic acid pad. I usually splash my face with water after working out around noon (then pat dry), and at night i splash my face again, and use a thick coat of BP.

Any ideas? I'm really tired of it. I hate looking like this, i feel like everyone notices, especially cause i work under fluorescent lights, and they tend to bring out blemishes in the skin.

Also of note:

Sun exposure: Float in the pool once or twice a week, though i swim in the evenings often.

Snacks: Usually a jolly rancher or two, and a handful or two of Snyder's Pretzels.

Can anyone help?

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If its only your chin then its either hormones or you touch your chin too much. what % of bp r u using? I had a friend apply 10% bp to his upper lip and chin area and he's pretty clear. If its just your chin just focus on it more, :] good luck bro

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I found that toothpaste with whiteners in it aggravated my chin. Not sure what toothpaste you use, but just wanted you to know switching toothpaste calmed the skin around my chin.

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Whiteners would do that? huh, yeah, ill look into that.

it's 2.5% BP, btw. i bet i can pick some 10% up thurs.

I did add zinc and selenium supplements to my diet today, too.

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