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Man I feel pretty lame....

Ok so this isn't really about acne.... but it is emo so that's 1 out of 2.

For the past month (since I got home from university for summer) I've been feeling more depressed than happy most of the time. I missed my boyfriend terribly and thought about him ALL the time..... I didn't feel like doing much and instead hid in my room every day. I stayed up all night long and slept all day, sometimes as late as 7pm. My mom started complaining that she could only talk to me through a closed door and that my room was unbelievably messy (It has been). Basically I had no motivation and felt that I would be much happier back at school than at home.... I spent a lot of time looking up airplane flights, just wanting to get out of here!

In reality I have a great family that loves me and that wants to spend time with me. And I've been thinking and worrying about so many things that I've allowed hardly any time at all for fun (or for anything productive). I've really learned through this that even if you're worrying about 10 million things (like I tend to do) you cant let it run your life. Even if you find a way to compartmentalize those worries, such as writing them in a journal then refusing to let yourself think about them until it's actually time to deal with the situation, that's WAY better than thinking about that stuff constantly. I'm excited to finally clean up my room and spend some quality time with people that I care about the most. It's about time I start showing them I care!

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A messy room can often translate to a "messy" life. Once you get your domain organized, you will flow much easier as far as life goes.

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