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1st post - question(s) about cyst treatment and the sun, please help

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking on this forum for about a month. A friend of mine recommended Dan's Regimen to me about a year ago and I ordered a starter kit and got going almost immediately. I would say I had moderate acne--my face was never ever really clear, maybe one or two days a month, max. Dan's Regimen got me to the point where I would be clear for a much as two weeks at a time until the occasional breakout at worst, or 1-2 pimples at best.

I feel like I've "peaked", so to speak. Dan's Regimen is great, and I can't thank him enough for coming up with the Regimen. Only problem is, it seems like once every 2 months or so I will develop a very severe cyst somewhere on my face. At least I think it's a cyst. It starts off as hard bump underneath the skin. Once I tried to just leave it alone and it hung around for about a month and a half before finally going down. The rest of them I've ferociously poked and prodded. When I compress the lump I can clearly see a yellow-colored puss looking substance underneath the skin, and when pressed hard enough it seeps out. Then it turns into a nasty looking red mess on my face that sticks around for about 2 weeks before it heals up. They are super annoying and painful, and it's almost impossible for me to leave them alone. What is the general consensus on the best method of treatment for these? Is there anything additional I can do to prevent them? I use a lot less BP then Dan recommends in the instructional videos, so I'm going to try and increase that first.

Also, what are you supposed to do if you get a lot of sun? I work all day in the sun and although I use sunscreen I sometimes get burnt. When I get a decent amount of sun it actually seems to help my acne, but then I'm afraid to apply BP to my face for fear of over-drying the skin. Is it "OK" to take a break from the Regimen for a few days if I've gotten a lot of sun the day before?

Thanks in advance.

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