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5 years later...2nd round of accutane

When I was 15 years old, I did a round of Accutane. The side effects were horrible. My lips and all around my lips were very cracked, bled alot, dry, and just plain shitty. I got nose bleeds and headaches alot. My joints ached a ton. My skin was ridiculously dry and itchy. My face kept getting worse and worse the entire 5 or 6 months I was on Accutane. One month after I ended Accutane, my face cleared up. The side effects, the annoying blood tests, pregnancy tests, and costs of Accutane and doctor trips without insurance were all worth it.

I never once got depressed while on Accutane, and if anything, Accutane has made me a 1000 times happier. Isn't it crazy how much acne can affect your overall appearance and confidence? You are supposed to be happy with who you are in the inside, and not worry about looks or anything, but it is seriously depressing when your face is covered in huge zits that are bleeding and pus comes out of it. It's embarrassing and can really leave a lasting negative self-image with a low self-esteem and confidence. Whoever made Accutane is my freakin savior!

After 5 years of having a clear face, my acne has returned in full strength. I am going to take Accutane for 5 months starting July 22nd because it works like gold.

Here is a picture of me when I was on Accutane around 2003:


Here are pictures of me with no make up about a few months ago:




and more pictures of how well Accutane worked:






These are pictures of my face starting to break out (with tons of makeup which probably doesnt help in the long run but definitely helps with the redness & its funny because I thought my face looked really horrible in these pictures and now my face looks much much much worse)



These past couple of weeks, my face has broken out so much that it is ridiculous and about a million times as worse as the pictures shown. I will post pictures of how my face currently looks, which is the baddest since off of Accutane tomorrow.

I look forward to sharing my experience with everyone. :)

and maybe i'm a little special, but how do i get my pictures to show up? ... hah

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sucks how you have to do another round of accutane...but maybe this will really completely rid you of any big breakouts in the future =P

and holy crap at your post tane pictures =o! good luck on your course and keep us updated!

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good luck hun, i on my first round and i had clear perfect skin pre tane like you aswell. Natural light was my best friend back then.

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hey....im gonna be starting around the same time you are with a similar story....maybe you should post some of you now without any makeup so we can see a starting point and see how you progress. its hard to see with all that makeup it barely looks like you have any acne at all

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