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Ok, here goes! I'm not quite sure what I have but anyway.....

I used to get a lot of real pimple breakouts but since I've been using a new cleanser & toner that I bought I've only had the odd pimple here and there, I can handle that! What is REALLY horrible are like, enlarged pores or something? My cheeks, nose, part of my forehead just about my nose and my chin, all look awful. there are what I presume are enlarge pores and on my nose, it looks like blackheads but there is only ever 1 or 2 real blackheads, the rest, when I squeeze them (yes I know, bad!) just clear stuff pops out (sorry that sounds so gross!) I think maybe enlarged & clogged pores? I tend to try and squeeze as many of them as possible every day.

I really hate it though, I don't like having to wear makeup and if I didn't have such crappy pores I wouldn't have to.....does anyone know what exactly is wrong with my skin and what to do about it? my skincare regime isn't great really, I usually use a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner once a day, wash my face with warm water before and cold water afterwards and then I usually use a face wipe at night before bed to remove my makeup. I also have oily skin anyway. :(

Thanks in advance to anyone with some clues!

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Sounds like my skin. It's superficial sebum plugs in the pores, probably. No wash, toner, or topical can affect sebum production; if you have waxy sebum, this is what happens.

Mandelic acid and salicylic acid helped me a bit -- both exfoliate the pores. Mandelic has a skin-tightening effect while it's on, so it probably gives the best results.

But my pores never got completely clear until I went on low-dose Accutane (10 mg/day) for my folliculitis last fall. At 10 mg/day my pores were perfectly clear after 60 days. When my dosage got cut back to 10 mg every other day, I started seeing tiny sebum plugs on my nose again .... they're really small, though, and I can live with them.

I don't know what's going to happen when this low-dose course ends, but I suspect that my pores are going to gradually fill up with sebum plugs again.

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Thanks for replying, that sounds right, but the enlarged pores on my cheeks really look like crap, and there a few on my chin as well, that look kinda like blackheads or something but aren't *that* black and nothing happens if I try to squeeze them lol.

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I think I'd recommend monthly microdermabrasion treatments, and you might also check out the Vivant or NuCelle mandelic acid products or the Jan Marini glycolic/retinol products.

Vivant's website: www.betterhealthyskin.com

I think NuCelle and Jan Marini products are both available on amazon.com

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