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Oily skin & question about BP

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So i was wondering if i had to wash my face before bed? Simple question really..

Also, i think i read in a post here in acne.org about BP leaving certain facial redness from dry/old pimples?

Is this true?

Can someone tell me difference between SA and BP? I've used both i think, but not sure which is best for me.

I have two huge volcanoes in my face right now and the only ones left, but the rest of my face is red (some from pimples, and other is just weird -- they're like smudges).


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If you have oily skin, then absolutely wash your face before bed. And make sure you wash/change your pillowcase often. The oil from your skin that gets onto your pillowcase will cause acne to get worse as it will become a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria.

And BP will cause redness until your skin is used to it. Try reducing the amount you are using and make a more gradual transition to using more. Your skin will get used to it with time.

SA is more commonly known to get deep into pimples and kill the bacteria under the surface where BP is used more for surface bacteria. In most instances, one works for one person, but not another. Hopefully one of them will, though. Personally SA is worthless to my skin whereas BP works miracles. You just have to try them out and see what works for your skin.

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BP doesn't cause me redness, i was just asking if it caused long-term scars, etc (make your skin more prone to scars, etc).

IF SA works under the skin, and BP works on the surface, why not use both?

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