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I don't know what type of scars I have!

Hi, just found this website today and it's brilliant!

Right, basically I have had acne for about 8 years, since i was 12-ish (maybe a little younger).

I had one n-lite treatment in April (before i saw loads of bad reviews!)and havent had a single break out, or even a spot, since mid-may - the longest i've ever gone! :dance:

I do however have loads of tiny scars. Most are red, some fading over time, but I do have indented ones, and these are the ones that worry me the most! the red cover almost perfectly with makeup but I just can't diguise these!

Problem is, although I've read the descriptions of different types of scars, I just don't know what type exactly they are!


I have some pictures although I'm not sure you'll be able to see the deep ones, and was wondering what the best type of treatment would be for them. Obviously although the deep ones bother me more, in an ideal world i'd like to try and fade the red ones too!

any help would be great - i don't want to waste my money on completely the wrong type of treatment!

TIA xx



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im starting to feel like there really is no answer for red marks. i too have them and they are what bother me the most about acne. i dont seem to break out as much anymore, which is great, but i just want CLEAR skin. maybe the best thing we can do is just wait and let them heal with the time they need. too long i know but i havent heard of anything that really cures like we all want it to.

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All you have are red marks. Mederma works great. By the way, you are really pretty. Too bad you don't live in the U.S.

:) thank you!

i think i will give mederma a try...would a peel be beneficial at all? i'm thinking of going for a superficial one anyway just to brighten my skin a little...

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