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I was prescribed Differin and Benzamycin from my original derm and my skin got a lot better..then I stopped using the Differin and it got even better but still wasn't perfect. I'd break out around the time I would get my period and it seemed like the red marks after a zit would take forever to go away.

Then I went to a different derm and she prescribed me Solodyn, Ziana, and plexion(not sure if i have that name right but they are face washing pads), and Yaz. I have been using everything but the pads for about 2weeks and my skin looks horrible. I missed the Solodyn maybe twice and then ran out Sunday. Worst of all none of these (except yaz) is covered by my insurance. Now I am debating wether or not to just call my old derm and get back on Benzamycin or wait to see what she tries to prescribe me now.

But It seem that the retinoids are really harsh on my skin..I tried Retin-a a long time ago and my skin was soooo bad from it. and Differin seems like the only one that didnt make it horrible but still I think the benzoyl peroxide seems to work the best....

Has anyone else had bad experience with retinoids? And should I worry that this new derm is just trying to permote all these new products since they are all form the same company...

Any suggestions or words from experience... Thank you :)

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